The S.M.A.R.T. Goals approach is designed to provide the guidelines that will assist you in developing the fitness and lifestyle changes you desire. The components address five aspects of goals that you are taking effective and efficient steps towards an improved quality of life. In essence goals should be:



It is important that your fitness goals be as specific as possible. You will need to address those aspects of health & fitness that are not quite up to speed.  Improving elements such as aerobic fitness, muscle strength & endurance, flexibility, coordination, body composition, and healthy eating habits should be the focus of goal setting.

Simply planning to lose weight, look better, or become more fit does not pinpoint your objectives to a degree that allows for a specific plan of action, and tends to leave you wondering, “Where do I begin?”

Choosing specific goals enables you and your fitness professional to plan a course of action that has detailed objectives that can later be reevaluated for efficacy.  Your goals, as well as the means by which they are attained must be specific.



Effective goals are measurable. How much weight do I want to lose? What would I like my body fat percentage to be? When would I like to be able to fit in that dress? How much weight do I want to bench press.  How many more fruits and vegetables do I want to add to my diet? Asking these types of questions will help you create a quantifiable list of intentions that can be pursued and later evaluate in order to chart progress.

If measurable goals are chosen, it is possible to determine how close you are to attaining those goals. More importantly, if you are not reaching your goals, our consultants can reevaluate your entire program in order to discover what may need to be adjusted for maximum efficiency.



The goals you set should lead you to take some sort of action. Eat a little healthier. Enjoy a walk with a co-worker during lunch. Make it to the fitness center three times a week. Take that bicycle out of the garage for a ride in the park. Join one of our stretch/relaxation classes. Check out the view from three different mountaintops. These are all good ways of incorporating healthy habits into your lifestyle. Action-oriented goals are about exchanging old unhealthy habits for new habits that improve your quality of life. The goals may need to start out small at first, in order to simply develop the habit of taking action, but once the ball gets rolling it usually gains momentum.  Our staff is here to help. The objective of taking action is to work smart not hard. We can assist you in developing an activity program that meets your specific needs.



Variables such as previous lifestyle, physique, and genetics will play a role in determining your physical capacities. The overzealous individual may choose unrealistic goals and activities, which often leads to frustration, disappointment, and eventual abandonment of your fitness pursuits.

Realistic goals should motivate your common sense, not your emotions. Take time to determine why you are pursuing a healthier lifestyle, since it is wise to have a realistic perspective of fitness. If your motivation is superficial (all I want is a great body) and temporary (I just want to look good for my tropical vacation), then your success will also be superficial and temporary.

Realistic health & fitness goals allow you to concentrate on attain knowledge, skills, and habits that will enable you to enjoy an active energetic lifestyle well into your seventies and eighties. Make health & fitness a lifelong acquisition, rather than a thirty to ninety day project.



Setting and attaining short-term goals within targeted dates is an excellent motivation technique, which leads to accomplishing long-term goals. However, it is best to realize that improved quality of life is the only goal being timed. Do not add pressures to your life by making the pursuit of fitness another deadline you must meet. Accomplish a little something each day, and it eventually becomes easier to accomplish a little more.

We will be conducting seminars and workshops on a regular basis in the months to come and hope that you will join us. In the mean time if you have any fitness & nutrition related questions, please feel free to contact us at, and we will be sure to get back to you.


Pierre S. Senat

Fitness & Lifestyle Management Consultant


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